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The Light of Hope

3 Feb

I am sharing this as a repost from my friend Alex, one guy with one massive heart… so beautiful. Thank you Alex for everything always.


I was inspired to write this poem today. The person who inspired me is my friend Yasmin al-Tellawy, a journalist and humanitarian:

I’ve been moved beyond words before,
I have friends who have lost loved ones,
And sometimes I wonder how much longer I can keep going,
How much longer I can keep the hope up,
Because the situation in Syria is so dark,
So grim,
So bloody.

In spite of the heartbreak,
In spite of the tragedies,
And in spite of my worries,
I stop and think,
And I realize,
That I will never lose my hope,
And that the light will never be vanquished.

I’ve seen this light,
Ever since the Syrian Revolution began,
And it was a light that has continued to shine,
No matter how much it has flickered.

And sometimes it has flickered,
Like when I heard about Hamza al-Khatib being tortured to death,

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