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Globally United – New Business!

4 Aug

LoveTest3I am starting a new business and want to include people from across the world!

Here is the concept:
We will be selling peace & love goods. There will be the main storefront to purchase a variety of items, along with items handmade from across the world.

I am looking for talented people across the world, whatever you make please contact me with some examples! Maybe you are an artist, maybe you make jewellery, clothes, anything at all, please get in contact with me. I am particularly interested in clothing items & jewellery, but I am very open to everything!

You must be from crisis situation; have a unique story. I am searching for people who are refugees in camps, or outside of camps, maybe you are in Europe now starting your life again; maybe you had to flee your country for whatever reason for safety, whatever your story, I am looking for people who are only from a background like this.

Any goods must have a peace & love concept, nothing political or religious.

The company will function as follows with profit;

50% of the purchase price will go back to the designer of the item
25% will be kept for the business
25% will go back into charity assisting those in need

You will get income only after any of your items are sold.

The basis to this is to give people with talents a chance to have a little extra income, maybe it can help in the future with your life, along with sharing your story with the world to educate others that we are all only human and to bring us to be Globally United.

For people buying; you will have a unique chance to buy one off items, knowing your are supporting someone who deserves that support; along with knowing you are assisting charity too with your purchase.

I will want a 1-2 minute video of you to go along with your items you will be creating so people can see your story a little, (You will not have to supply the video or photos, I will do this), if you are not comfortable with being known then please indicate this when contacting me.

Everything will be sold online only. All shipping costs of your goods from wherever you are will be dealt with by the company.

Through my travels and years in camps I have constantly been astounded by incredible talents, the unique designs people are capable off. I have my heart in this new business and I know it will be something wonderful. I hope you will also see my concept with this and be a part of it.

Please share this with anyone you think may be able to benefit from this; anyone who you know has talents!

I would love to get this up and running before Christmas, but rather pushed for time, so it will definitely be up and running for the New Year!


Thank you!

Yasmin x