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Truth – Peace – Love

Photographer: Nader Daoud

Photographer: Nader Daoud

Independent producer, journalist & photographer. Covering Middle East mainly & humanitarian issues in our world. Also the founder of The Truth Peace & Love Foundation.

My blog is just for me sharing personal experiences and feelings, nothing is ever a reflection of views by any companies I work with, all just personal.

Believer in spreading peace & love in our world, helping one another in the world regardless of race, religion or any barriers throughout the world. Help one another where we can, judge no-one upon race or religion, live in honesty always, live with self-respect; respect your body, your soul, your heart.

Living & appreciating each & every second in this world & never forgetting the beauty around us always, while also never forgetting the darkness in this world. I get to travel the world and have incredible life changing experiences every day.

I am human focused in my story telling. I go into the depth of a crisis to find the truth.

I believe we can all make a difference in this world, each and every little action can cause a ripple affect to bigger action. Be that change in our world. Stand up for humanity, stand up for our world to make it a cleaner, safer, more loving place.

Fearing nothing (except for spiders). 

To find out more about my work, please visit my website.

Thanks for checking out my world…!

With Peace & Love…

Yasmin x

Working with Syrian refugee children in Irbid, Jordan

Working with Syrian refugee children in Irbid, Jordan

Yasmin Al Tellawy - Zaatari Refugee Camp

Working in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan

Yasmin Al Tellawy

Interviewing a Syrian refugee who had fled Homs to Atmeh in Syria.


Working in Atareb, Syria

Yasmin Al Tellawy in Syria

Filming with Syrian children in Syria          

Yasmin Al Tellawy, animal rescue

Animal rescue days in Los Angeles, America

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  1. aboamar January 18, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    You are beautiful and the most beautiful soul and big heart who feels unjustly others

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